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Gulf Harmony AW 68 200L

Gulf Harmony AW 68 200L


High performance anti-wear hydraulic oil

Product Description

Gulf Harmony AW series are high performance anti-wear hydraulic oils developed for high pressure hydraulic systems operating under moderate to severe conditions in mobile and industrial service. These oils are formulated with high quality base oils and carefully selected performance additives to provide excellent protection against oxidation degradation, rust & corrosion and wear. They also possess superior foam control, water separation and rapid air release properties. They exceed the performance requirements of global industry standards viz. DIN 51524 Part 2-HLP, AFNOR NFE 48-603 (HM) & ISO 11158 HM and majority of the international OEMs viz. Denison, Fives Cincinnati (MAG IAS, LLC) & Eaton (Vickers).

Features & Benefits

Excellent thermo-oxidative stability controls the formation of sludge & varnish and improves oil life Exceptional anti-wear property results in longer pump and component life and reduces costs Superior demulsibility helps in faster separation of water from oil and resists formation of emulsions Special rust & corrosion inhibitors protect multi-metallurgy components even in presence of moisture  Rapid air release property minimises chances of pump cavitation leading to trouble free operations Compatible with multi-metals and sealing materials commonly used in hydraulic systems


ISO VG 10 through VG 100 Hydraulic systems operating under moderate to severe conditions in mobile and industrial service Older hydraulic systems where leakage is a problem and a cost-effective hydraulic oil providing allround protection is required Mobile hydraulic fluid power transmission systems and general machine lubrication ISO VG 150 Recommended for a wide variety of following industrial applications requiring anti-wear type of oils: Circulating oil systems Plain and rolling element bearings Gear sets General Machine lubrication

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DIN 51524 Part 2-HLP

Eaton (Vickers) M-2950-S, M-2952-S, I-286-S

Has the following Approvals

Fives Cincinnati (MAG IAS, LLC) P-69

Denison HF-0, HF-1, HF-2 XXX


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