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Castrol High Temperature Grease 400GR

Castrol High Temperature Grease 400GR


Castrol High Temperature Grease is a high performance, multipurpose lithium complex grease developed using an optimized combination of high quality mineral oil, proprietary thickener technology and a specially selected additive system enabling reliable performance across a wide range of temperatures whilst exposed to a variety of operational loads, speeds and environmental conditions.

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Foto Artikelnummer Uitvoering Voorraad Prijs per eenheid Prijs Totaal prijs Aantal
1503AD-st 1 stuk 400gr 15 6.61
1503AD-st 12 stuks (doos) 6.61
1503AA-18 18 KG 0 164.20
1503AC 50 KG 0 450.95
Alle prijzen zijn inclusief BTW.



Excellent thermal and mechanical stabliity ensure prolonged product integrity across a wider operating temperature range, thus enabling extended relubrication intervals and reduced maintenance. Good extreme pressure and anti-wear properties provide the potential for prolonged component life. Good water resistance provides enhanced protection in applications where the potential for exposure and contamination are higher. Good corrosion protection. Excellent multipurpose potential enabling a reduction in product inventory.


Thickener Lithium Complex

Base Oil Mineral

Appearance Visual Smooth brown grease

NLGI Grade ASTM D 217 2

Cone Penetration, Worked 60 Strokes IP 50 10ths/mm 275

Cone Penetration, Worked 100,000 Strokes IP 50 10ths/mm 285

Base Oil Viscosity @ 40°C ASTM D 445 mm²/s 180

Dropping Point, Grease ASTM D566 °C 260

Oil Separation, 18 hrs @ 100°C IP121 % 7.5

Oil Separation ASTM D 1742 % 3.6

Water Washout, 1 hr @ 79°C ASTM D 1264 % wt 3.5

Emcor Corrosion Protection, Distilled Water IP220 Rating 0 - 0

Corrosion Prevention ASTM D 1743 Rating Pass

Pressure Vessel Oxidation, Pressure Drop @ 100 hrs ASTM D 942 psi 2.0 4

Ball Weld Point IP 239 kg 310

Wheel Bearing Leakage @ 105°C ASTM D 1263 g 2.3

Temperature Range -30°C to +140°C

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